Coach Henner has had an enormous impact on my life on and off the track. He helped me develop from a good high-school runner into an athlete ready to compete at the highest level. Throughout my time under him, Coach Henner hand tailored his training programs to the individual athlete allowing them to get the most out of their training. He took a long-term approach developing me over time so that I had some of my best performances my last couple of years under his guidance. This method kept me progressing throughout my college career and helped me avoid burning out early. When I toed the line at any distance, 800m-10k cross-country, I knew I was prepared to compete at my best. I was strong enough to grind out a long race but always had a couple of extra gears in my back pocket if I needed the sprint in championship races. Coach Henner treats running as an athletic endeavor and trains the body to be an athlete that happens to specialize in running. This approach helped me avoid injuries and run my best when it counted. I am extremely grateful for Coach Henner and the way he developed me into an athlete capable of running at the highest level.


Andrew Bumbalough

Nike Bowerman Track Club

USA 5K Champion


Mile: 3:56.12 (Seattle, 2013)

3000m: 7:37.62i (Boston, MA 2014)

2 mile: 8:13.02i - (New York, 2013)

5000m: 13:12.01 (Heusden, 2013)

10.000m: 27:56.78 (Stanford, 2013)

Half Marathon: 62:04 (New York, NY 2015)