Andrew Bumbalough

Nike Bowerman Track Club

USA 5K Champion

Georgetown University '09


Mile: 3:56.12 (Seattle, 2013)

3000m: 7:37.62i (Boston, 2014)

2 mile: 8:13.02i (New York, 2013)

5000m: 13:12.01 (Heusden, 2013)

10,000m: 27:56.78 (Stanford, 2013)

Half Marathon: 62:04 (New York 2015)

"Coach Henner has had an enormous impact on my life on and off the track. He helped me develop from a good high-school runner into an athlete ready to compete at the highest level. Throughout my time under him, Coach Henner hand tailored his training programs to the individual athlete allowing them to get the most out of their training. He took a long-term approach developing me over time so that I had some of my best performances my last couple of years under his guidance. This method kept me progressing throughout my college career and helped me avoid burning out early.

When I toed the line at any distance, 800m-10k cross-country, I knew I was prepared to compete at my best. I was strong enough to grind out a long race but always had a couple of extra gears in my back pocket if I needed the sprint in championship races. Coach Henner treats running as an athletic endeavor and trains the body to be an athlete that happens to specialize in running. This approach helped me avoid injuries and run my best when it counted. I am extremely grateful for Coach Henner and the way he developed me into an athlete capable of running at the highest level."


Bethany Eigel

James Madison University '98


3000m: 9:24.87 (, 1998)

5000m: 16:17.31 (, 1997)

"Pat Henner recruited me to run for James Madison University in 1995 and he became not just a coach, but a mentor and role model for me over the next 4 years.  I was a decent runner in high school, and coming off a double State championship (in the 1600 and 3200) I could have easily fallen in to the pattern of many college freshman - overdo the training or get in a hurry to achieve huge PR's early on.  Coach Henner sees the long term potential in an athlete, builds a foundation first, and promotes patience.  It can be hard for an eager young athlete to approach their career that way, but I was soon convinced that this holistic approach to training really pays off.  All of a sudden all the weight training, speed/turnover workouts, and endless drills became relevant to me as a distance runner.  

Under Henner's guidance and encouragement I became a 4 time All-American in track and field with PR's of 9:26 in the 3k and 16:17 in the 5k and although these races were my strength, I was confident racing anything from the 800 to 10k based on the preparation we did on and off the track. I was inducted into the JMU Athletics Hall of Fame in 2009.   Even with all these successes, though, I can say Henner's greatest gift as a coach is passing on the pure joy of the sport.  Running was and still is something that fills me with joy, and it is something I hope to impart in my daughter as we run road races together!  It is this life-long passion which I will forever credit to Coach Henner and the many lessons he taught me along the way.

Running continues to be a healthy outlet for me, as well as a fun activity to share with my daughter. She's still young, so who knows if she becomes a competitive racer like me but it's a great foundation for any sport. We spend many a weekend at fun road races in our city!"

Dylan Sorensen

Pro Triathlete
USA Triathlon Olympic Development Team

Georgetown University '13, '14


800m: 1:50.8 (Williamsburg, 2010)

1500m: 3:47.27 (Swarthmore, 2010)

3000m SC: 8:47.02 (Princeton, 2014)

5000m: 14:18 (Williamsburg, 2014)

"Coach Henner gave me the tools necessary to transition from a good high school runner, to an elite college runner, to a world class triathlete. While at Georgetown, he formulated a holistic approach to my improvement as an individual that allowed me to achieve a Big East Championship, an ICAAAA Championship, and 2 All-American certificates at the NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships. He, unlike any other coach I have ever had, focused on my well-being as a person first. This translated to success as an athlete. I had complete faith in him to reach my potential as a runner. He looked at all aspects of training; from running volume and intensity, to nutrition and recovery, to arguably the most important aspect - the mental approach to success.

Coach Henner is no longer my training provider as I pursue Olympic berth in triathlon, but I still utilize many of his mental training techniques to gain an advantage on my competition. Coach Henner will always be someone I look up to and respect as a mentor and friend. I am incredibly lucky to have been under his guidance."

Chelsea Cox

Nike+ Run Club Coach


400m: 55.98 (2013)

800m: 2:01.7r (2013)

800m: 2:03.59 (2016)

Mile: 4:42.61 (2016)

"I have always loved running, training, and racing. It feels easy when you surpass your goals, run great races, and smash personal bests. Thanks to Coach Henner and his training methods, I often performed this way. Coach Henner always reminded me that to be a great runner, I needed to first be a great athlete. That meant working on all of the elements that involve developing an athlete, focusing on transitioning my weaknesses to strengths.

Great coaches encourage their athletes to always maintain a positive attitude; when training is difficult, when injuries strike, and even when one doesn't perform the way in which they had hoped. Coach Henner prepared me for all of these aforementioned outcomes. He was there when things went well, but he was also there when they went poorly. Coach Henner is unafraid to be honest with his athletes when they don't perform well, but is equally the first to remind them of their abilities and ambition. He challenged and trained me to be the best athlete and person I could be. I will carry what he has taught me for the rest of my life. I cherished his relentless belief in me as an athlete, and now, as a Nike+ Run Club Coach, I aspire to do the same with my athletes."